Wishing Everyone a Prosperous 2010

I wish everyone a prosperous 2010.  May all of your goals be met and dreams come true.

Allow me to share a few words of wisdom from Three Feet from Gold:

  • Sometimes our greatest achievements and successes are closer than we believe
  • Many receive good advice, yet few profit from it.
  • The most common cause of failure is quitting.
  • Seek counsel, not opinions.
  • A dream is just a dream until it is written down.  Only then does it become a goal.
  • Goals are aspirations until they become real.  Then they become responsibilities.
  • Stop overplanning.
  • Dream big, and never stop shorty of reaching the top.
  • The most successful people want to teach others how to become successful.
  • Set the highest standards.

To fully understand the context in which these nuggets were written, you have to read the book.