Why People Can’t Progress Financially


I picked up a friend yesterday who was experiencing car troubles.  While driving home, he said that he was almost finished paying off two car notes, which I thought was a great blessing.  He then said, “I might buy that truck I want.”  I wanted to come to a screeching halt like Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble on The Flinstones.  Dude, are you serious???

You are about to be free – a little (there is still insurance and repairs) – and you would seriously entertain a new vehicle?  That wasn’t the kicker.

Not to put his business in the street…ok, yes I am.  He has three cars and live in an apartment with his family.   Two of his children are almost teens.  They need their own space.  Then, he said that he was suspended for a few days without pay and that set you back.  WTF are you thinking????  You need a new car like you need a hole in your head.  And, your wife is OK with this?

My friend is an example of the billion dollar black consumer that don’t own anything.  Definitely NOT how I’m going to be.