Why I Don’t Want My Photos on Facebook

I am having conflicts with friends about taking my photo and posting them on Facebook. I don’t want my photos posted on FB, so therefore, I do not pose for them. Let me tell you why.

First of all, you are just giving away your personal information for free. That’s with all social networking sites. But, FB is the ultimate identity give-away site. In fact, people tell so much of their personal business on FB, it’s ridiculous. And the thing is, in most cases, nobody cares.

Who cares about what you are fixing for dinner? We’re not invited over. Who cares that you are mad at somebody when you’re not giving specifics? But most of all, who cares about what you did this weekend? No one really.

Secondly, anything you put on the Internet is NEVER erased. So, if you wrote something bad or added a not-so-cool positive photo or video five years ago, there is still a trace online.

Third, I cannot afford anything negative now or in the future. All of my status updates on my social networking sites are pertaining to writing, social media, multimedia – everything I want to be known for. So, if the photos are not business related, they cannot be posted.

Fourth and most importantly, perceptions are powerful. People can take anything good and turn it around. Or, it could be nothing at all and people will make something of it.

So, those are the reasons why I don’t want my photos posted on FB. Will this draw a gap between me and my friends? I don’t know. Will this diminish my nearly non-existent social life? Possibly.

But one thing I know for certain is that I will do my best to guard my career my every means necessary.

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