What’s Going on with Shorty?

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First,  I am excited that I was able to send the new and improved Shorty to people on my mailing list within a week of my goal.  My site is set up to make money.  I had to make sure it looked like money, so I included ads in the available spaces so my people wouldn’t take me as a joke.

The Write Design Company

Another exciting occurrence was creating my first GIF animations in Adobe.  It took me a couple hours to get it, but I got it.  And the fact that they worked AND look good gave me a high all day Thursday.

I figured out how to brand myself as a journalist, blogger and social media marketing specialist.  Here’s the deal.  As a journalist, I’m going to write stories to draw traffic to my blog.  Social media tools as well as traditional marketing and PR will be used to promote both.  I need I would figure it out someday.  That day has arrived.

I’m going to start researching my targeted industry for The Write Design Company.  I have enough information to get me started; I just have to come up with a plan.

As NOT Seen on TVThings are starting to move for As NOT Seen on TV. Logically, I could have more stories if I watched TV. I’m going to come up with a different strategy.  I’m going to have other people to share their dislike for mainstream media practices so I won’t have to do it alone.  Yes, there is a method to my madness; I just have to find the people who will jump on my bandwagon.  In a good way.

Ah, the beautiful feeling of progress.

2 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Shorty?

  1. I have been seeing that you have been buckling down and posting away on your sites. I am really happy to see you going. I think also, in your area, you might consider investing in like 200 fliers and just go do a little door to door delivering to mailboxes. My ex and I use to do that for this Mexican Restaurant that was family owned and it really worked for them.

    Your local community is filled with people that might even consider advertising or even giving you news that you can share. Whatever… you are just awesome. I am hoping with the Southern Illinois site I will open, that it will become a success, and even people might want to contribute to it for their home towns.

  2. Nile, thank you so much for your support. I am right with you with the footwork. I was going to create some flyers and visit different communities. I want to take photos to accompany the different communities and activities I’m promoting on my blogs. This will also help with the book I am working on.

    I wish you much success on your blogs and I’m going to be more supportive once I finally get a flow going with mine. I think I’m almost there, so I’ll be there soon.

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