What the Hell?

What The Hell

I am writing this particular post because I know the person will never read this.

My girl asked me to write a resume for her.  That was no problem even though I hate doing them; she’s my girl.  I told her to write down everything she’s done in all of her positions.  We had the conversation last week.  She sent me what she had, and it was so generic.  It was pretty much a job description which really doesn’t say what she did.  So, when I spoke with her about it, she said that she wrote everything and she wasn’t going to write anything else.

First of all, I don’t give a shit.  My resume is done and it looks good.

Secondly, it has been a week since we started this project.  Whatever she didn’t do is not my issue.

Third, the more time you take to complete your resume, the longer it will take to submit it.

People have a lot of nerve.  I’m trying to help, but at this point, I am done.  Her shit is NOT important to me.