What I Really Need Is…..

pina colada

I went to a networking event on Tuesday and the DJ was playing really good house music. I couldn’t stop dancing.  A young lady told me that I need to get out more. While that’s probably true, what I really need is a consistent cash flow so I can dance on an island with a pina colada.  I need a consistent cash flow so I pay off my credit card and my mortgage so I won’t have to do that monthly. I need my money to start making money for me so I live my ideal life which entails fitness, teaching people in my writing school, learning and being creative.  Oh, and traveling.

So, to the young lady who feels that I should get out more, I have a couple word.s First, unless you are paying, that’s not your concern.  Second, if you really want to help me, send clients that are willing and able to pay my way.