Things I Hate

things i hate


Right now, I’m in a real pissy mood and I really need to express things that I hate or I’m going to pop.

First, I hate it when people want you to respond immediately to their needs but could give a damn about yours. I have a buddy who was supposed to do something for me in March. It was not done. Now that he needs something, he’s been on my line at least 3 times today. I told him this morning that I would not be able to do it until later this evening. He eventually cancelled his request.

Second, I hate it when people leave comments on my page because I left comments on theirs. Really, it’s Ok if you don’t leave a comment. In fact, would really prefer if they didn’t, especially if they feel¬† obliged to return to favor. Long story shorty: do it because you want to, not because you feel you have to.

Third, I hate that I stifling my own progress because I’m afraid of losing clients I really don’t have. I have not been overly verbal with things I want to say for the sake of my business. But, the think I’m avoiding may be the thing to propel me forward. I feel sooooo…..I don’t know how to feel.

Fourth, I hate that I don’t have the money to do everything I want to do right now. But I know it’s coming but it’s a little frustrating not knowing when.

Fifth, I hate it when people say they want to be bigger than Facebook. I think I mentioned this before on here. And my response to those people would be to suck it up! The opportunity was there and it went to someone else. Get over it and keep creating.

Sixth, I hate that I always smile even though I’m not happy. It’s not really a front; it’s just a way to make myself feel better. But still. No matter how much I smile, it still hurts.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Actually, I hope that’s it.¬† That’s enough negativity.