The Write Design Website IS Done

I actually completed it last night. Everything is done.  I’m so proud.  Now, I’m going to  reach out to my target market, determine what’s needed, and create a strategy.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on my roller skating book.  I put that on hold, but I know that’s a great project.  I’m going to have a draft of all of my information by December 31, 2009.  I KNOW I can make money from the book.

Now, I have to work on my Shorty Resource blog and As NOT Seen on TV.  Shorty is going to be easier because I have my email addresses already.

Since I’m on the topic of my resource blog, I have some mental things to work out. I know that many of the owners of the organizations whose information I post may not pay for advertisements on my site.  Therefore, I am trusting that advertisers like Jewel, ComEd, Peoples Energy, Sprint, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Target, GE, Sony, Toyota, Ford, Nintendo, Verizon, Comcast, etc. will sponsor the site within 90 days.  I will not get disappointed; I will get paid!

As NOT Seen on TV will require more work.  However, that may take off before Shorty Resource because of the audience and the partnerships I am going to develop.  We’ll see.  I’m looking forward to it all.

All of my projects WILL have positive financial results within 90 days.