The Wait and Weight of Promise

Faith Promise

The Wait and Weight of Promise was Reverend January’s sermon topic today, and he was speaking to me.  He shared how Abraham and Sarah were waiting trying to have a baby, and she finally delivered at 89 or 90 years old (I forgot which age).

Because Sarah didn’t believe she would have a baby even after God told her she would, she went out of order and told Abraham to have a baby with one of her servants.

Each of your promises require a wait.  However, there is a weight that also come with it.

There were a few points that just slapped me in my face.

  • Every promise starts with a vision and will come with some waiting.    So to my dear one who told me that you cannot see successes until I focus on one thing, God gave me two things to work together with the same purpose but for different purposes.
  • God sets due dates, therefore, He does not delay things beyond its appointed time.  Sometimes it’s hard to have faith, but I’m holding tight.  What’s to come is going to be greater than all of the points in the business plans I’m writing for each of my ventures.
  • Know what you are waiting for. I know what I want my end result to be. In the meantime, I am working on becoming THE Billion Dollar Blogger through The Write Design Company and Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.  A Billion Dollars is not only my ultimate net worth after the government tax me outta the wazoo; it’s also how I want my clients to feel after our interaction.
  • While you’re waiting for your promise, overcome barren thinking.  I cannot afford negative thoughts to come in on any level.  That will discount all of my efforts I have put forward thus far.
  • Don’t go ahead of God. I’ve done that before and it’s totally not worth it.  And, it’s more work.  Save yourself time and efforts, and just wait.
  • Be careful relying on usual things in unusual times. You gotta do things differently as you go to the next level in life.  Sometimes that means getting rid of people.
  • You will be stretched.  All I can say is: If you can’t stand the pressure, find people that can help.  Pray ALL the time and cry when you have to.  I’m not going to tell you to give up your dream because God gave it to you for a reason.  However, know that you cannot do it alone
  • Every promise is a new walk of faith. You will start to walk funny.  Depending on your attitude, most days you walk upright. There will days when you are slouched over.  If you are slouched over more than upright, seriously reconsider what you are doing.  It may not be for you RIGHT NOW.  If God gave you a vision, it is for you, but the timing may not be right.

I know that The Write Design and Shorty’s time are promises whose time have come. I’m looking forward to them. What are some of the promises you are waiting for?

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