The Mental is Powerful

I find myself turning off my thought processes these days if my thoughts turn negative. That’s a really strange feeling since my mind is always going.  Seriously.  Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me because the thing won’t stop working.  I mean….I’m glad it working, but the rate of my waves is sometimes disturbing (imagine having a conversation with me during one of those times :).

Anyway, if something not-so-cool happens, I immediately call the only two to three people who will listen to me vent, get it out my system and move on to something else.  Or, I blog or write about it to get it out of my system.

Ok, this is totally off topic, but I think I might be abnormal because I don’t get mad when I’m supposed to get mad.  I get upset 2 – 3 hours after something has taken place.  With certain situations, I get mad about the circumstance surrounding the incident rather than the incident itself.

Going back to the original topic.  I try to keep my favorite gospel and other inspirational songs close by to clear my mental.  In fact, my ideal day begins with a shower with my gospel music flowing.  My three favorite morning songs are Prayer Changes by R. Kelly; Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence; and Because of Who You Are by Vicki Yohe.

That’s all I want to say on that topic.  Gots to get to my writing now.