Thanks for Your Help…NOT

thanks but no thanks

I contacted someone I know personally on my mailing list to ask them to connect me with the family of a deceased radio personality because they had something I wanted to posted on my blog. We’ll call her Jane. I asked Jane because she said that she had a close relationship with him.

When I sent the message asking for the connection, Jane asked me what was I seeking. I didn’t have a problem telling her because it was not a big deal. I didn’t have to tell her anything but I thought it may make things easier.

I didn’t hear back from her so I asked her if she was going to help. Jane told me she was going to ask the wife about my request. Cool. I gave Jane my number to pass on in the event the Mrs. would help me.

Why did I get yet another message from Jane asking me about the content of my blog? Are you freaking kidding me? She acknowledged that she didn’t read my blogs, which is fine, but why am I still hearing from you? That was sooooooooooooooooooo annoying.

I told her that if she wanted to help me to pass my number on. Otherwise, thanks. That was just too much for something that had absolutely nothing to do with her. I’m nice but I’m not patient when it comes to dumb shit. That was utterly annoying for two reasons: 1) going back and forth via email gets old after the second round and 2) this has absolutely nothing to do with you. Yes, I came to you for a connection. Either you were going to make it or not. After I gave her my number, she should have not been involved.

I just wanted to share my annoyance. It’s highly unlikely Jane will read this since she doesn’t read my blogs anyway. 🙂