Shorty’s Screams: Telephone Companies


I hate when AT&T asks me if I want to add more services to my already high ass phone bill.  That’s ridiculous.  The phone plan is $30 plus and the internet service is $20 or something. After taxes and other unidentifiable fees, my bill is over $70 and the only service I really use is the internet.

Sprint keeps telling me I can add more phones to my plan.  WTF? I already pay $129.99 for two phones on an unlimited plan.  And, who would I want to add?  Yesterday, the young lady asked me if I wanted to add more family members.  That was funny.  Most people I know don’t pay their bills on time.  One friend determines who gets paid each pay period by who she pulls out of her hat.  Too funny.

And, I feel utility companies are pimps just like insurance companies just like government officials.  They just take more money for everything as paychecks and incomes get smaller or remain stable.