Shorty’s On A Roll

Shorty's on a Roll

So much has been going on.

I am going to start blogging live from events starting this month.  While I don’t know what will happen at the Internet Retailers Conference next week – and I’m not really concerned – I have to get started. This is the only way I can prove that my service works.  My service is interesting because it is a relatively new service in a potentially un-tapped market for now.  I am getting in on the ground level and I’m going to make it work.  By the time other people get into it, I’ll be major paid and already have a name.  Kinda like the pioneers in the social media.

And, the good thing about what I’m doing is I’m offering a different type of service for events.  Everything is already there except what I’m offering.  AND the service is integrating everything like to do: writing, blogging, photography, social media and videography.  I don’t like videography that much but I know how to do it.

I had a beautiful idea last week.  It was exciting and waaaay overwhelming.  First of all, I will need employees for live blogging sessions.  The only way to guarantee good employees is to train them myself.  My ideal employees: teenagers.  I want to give them everything I know, which is a lot.  Everything I mentioned above about the service I’m offering, that’s what they will learn.  They will never have a reason to be hungry in their lives unless they are just lazy.

Anyway, I’m going to connect with nonprofit organizations and schools to offer to teach writing classes (for a fee, of course).  That is the one skill that is lacking in society, and I think it’s diminishing with the text messaging.  So, I’m going to make it my personal mission to make sure that young people do not lose a handle on the English language.  Actually, I need them to be in tune with technology,too, because that is what keeping a lot of people behind.  I know everyone cannot be like me.  Heck, most people don’t even care about technology.  But, those skills can make a difference in ones standard of living.

One last thing, I’ll be hitting the streets this month to find out what’s really going on on the South Side. I’ll have my camcorder to capture stories.  I’m excited about I’m going to do.  The truth needs to be told, and the only way to tell it is to be among the people.

So, that’s all I have for now. I guess that’s enough, huh?