Shorty’s Breakthrough: I Am Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment

Yes, I am actually removing clutters of papers that I have allowed to overtake my personal space.  Do you realize how much stuff you keep because you think you’re going to need it at some point? I’m about to scan it and get rid of it.

I am also cleaning emotionally.  During my 40 day consecration, I received spiritual notice that I had an emotional issue that I have allowed to hold me hostage for years.  The interesting about that is, I didn’t even know the issue was that bad.  And, that revelation was not something I even knew was a problem so God was really doing on me.

Here’s a bigger blessing.  I was interviewing someone for a story who was a psychologist.  He asked me a few questions about the issue just in conversation.  Apparently, he didn’t like my answer because he said that he would work with me if I am committed to addressing it.  He knows I don’t have a lot of money, so my payment to him would be not to forget our sessions when my cash does start flowing.  That’s easy.  I have a long list of I.O.U.s so I’ll just add him.

So, I am cleaning my physical space but my emotional baggage.  Talking about a break through.