Shorty’s Bad Experience with Millipede

Millipede Millipede Video Game

I just had to share this bad experience with a Millipede video game.  I’m stuck in the 80s,so to see my favorite game was exhilarating!  The game was part of a multi-video game unit so I didn’t think anything of the joystick because I was just happy to see Millipede.

My happiness turned to disappointment after I dropped my first quarter and couldn’t maneuver my gun the way I wanted to.  After I lost my first gun before 5,000 points, I stood there dumbfounded.  When I lost it again immediately thereafter, I was a bit upset.  I’m good at the game and I really love it, so what was wrong? A JOYSTICK! You can’t play Millipede with a joystick; you have to have the roller ball.

That made me lose all respect for that game at that particular location. If I have to make a special trip to Odessy Fun World just to play Millipede, I will.

Just wanted to share my bad Millipede experience.