Shorty Says: Anything Worth Having….

Shorty Says

  1. is worth crying for.  I f you don’t cray at some point, you’re not really feeling it
  2. will drain you mentally and emotionally but it’s worth it
  3. will pull out things in you that will show you what you’re made of
  4. requires total commitment even if it’s only a few hours a week
  5. will challenge your intellect and make you realize you’re smarter than you think you are
  6. will give you courage you never knew you had
  7. will bring you closer to God because you will find out that everything you need has already been prepared for you.  You just have to grow your relationship with God to fully understand how to get it
  8. manifests itself in passion and purpose
  9. sends you into isolation because what you need is not in people it’s in God People can help you, but holds you
  10. is definitely worth fighting for
  11. will teach you time management and prioritizing skills