Rollerskating is More Than Exercise

Shorty on Wheels

I love skating. My affection for the sport came about almost three years ago when my friend, Jenny, and I re-visited a blast from the past.  What started out as a weekly activity has turned into a piece of heaven for me.

Rollerskating is a form of peace.  When I get on my wheels, nothing else matters.  Even when people whiz by at different speeds.  It’s just me and my wheels.  Any thought or burden I walked into the rink with suddenly disappears – if only for a few hours – when I put on my skates.

Skating helps my confidence.  Skating is rather scary.  You have to learn how to control those wheels or you’re roll off. Each time I practice a new move and gain confidence in doing it, that’s helps my confidence off wheels.  It tells me that with a little more practice and a lot more confidence, I can do it. And do it well.

Rollerskating makes me smile.  There is nothing more exhilarating than being free while working out.  I think it may be a little spiritual for me, too.  I tend to leave the skating floor with a few new thoughts.  Not that I need any more, but…hey.  I’ll take whatever God gives me.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I’ll share more joys of skating in a different post.  In the mean time, roll on – literally and figuratively.