Random Thoughts from Shorty


Why are some gospel songs so long? I know the artist is feeling his/her work, but the listening audience is not having that same feeling.

Are adults really smarter than 5th graders? I have encountered a lot of individuals with degrees that made me pose this question.

Who owns Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites – corporations or government?

Why are government entities and other corporations making the unemployed and underemployed pay more when they have less? The people in charge probably have NOT experienced a change in income.

Why is it that Black people are the only group of people that do not unite for the betterment of the race?  They do not fully know the power they have.  All they have to do is stop spending their money for a month, and a lot of entities will feel the effect.  Just check out the Alabama bus boycott during the Civil Rights years.

Why don’t Black people realize that most other people only tolerate them for financial purposes?  Everyone knows the power of the Black dollar except Black people.

One last thing, why is it impossible to find Black history information from institutions and organizations that specialize in this subject?  Truly, it’s disappointing.  That may be a story really soon.

Those are my thoughts for now.