Random Ramblings from Shorty

Random Ramblings

I thank God for people in my life who support me in my endeavors.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of listening to me rant and rave about a whole lot of things they don’t understand, but they encourage me anyway.

As I near financial independence with The Write Design Company, I get overly excited.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, I just know that I HAVE to do the things I need to do to be prepared for when opportunities present themselves.

I am going to write my blogging book through The Write Design Company’s blog.  This is great because I have to post weekly anyway so I may as well use the tools at my disposal to make it happen. And, I love blogging anyway so it should be cool.

I took my little sister to Apple Camp at the Apple Store last week and was very impressed with the three-day program.  I think we were both pleased with the gadgets we played with, but the iPod Touch and Macbook Pro will come home with me within the next three months.

Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource is about to make money.  Lots of it.  I worked with Dequiana Brooks, President of Inspired Graphics Media, to work out a plan today.  She is truly a blessing.

It’s time for me to complete a couple things so I can move forward.  Gotta go.  Just wanted to share.