Progress Report

God is good.  Got my brochures for The Write Design Company today.  They look nice!  I requested some sample bags from Bags N Bows.  Now, all I have to is get more business cards.  That should be done tomorrow.

I created a quick postcard for Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.  The theme for the blog is almost done.  I’m just waiting for my Shorty image and that will be done.

I found a few stories to get me started on As NOT Seen on TV.  Interestingly, most of them about the lack of Black women on TV in some manner.  One story was about them being invisible period.  I’m sure if I went through all of the comments posted, I wouldn’t have to worry about content for a good month.  That’s enough to get me started.  Woo hoo!  God is good.

Now, I have to do some things with my rollerskating story.  I’ m looking forward to getting my book in gear.  Oh, I contacted a high ranking executive for assistance with resources at the advice of someone who supports what I’m doing.  We’ll see what happens.

Things are moving forward!