Progress Report

I am happy to report that my brochures are being shipped by PS Print. I got the size I want, and I’m quite pleased.

My comedy writing and Improv classes begin next week. Woo hoo!

I signed up for how to Get Paid for Penning Your Two Cents which will teach me how to get paid as a columnist.  This class is facilitated by my mentor, Jennifer Brown Banks.  Check it out if you can.

My first  video email went out to almost 350 people yesterday.


I have a focus and direction for my Shorty blog which will ultimately translate into business for The Write Design Company.  Talking about two birds with one stone!  Exciting!

I think that’s it for now.   No, I had another idea today that is sure to be a hit.  I’m trying to finish these few incomplete projects so I can move forward to bigger and better things.

Go Shorty!!  I’m so proud of my ability to stay focused.  Now, it’s time to get paid!  Ka-Ching!