People Get Real Shitty Over E-mail


Yet, they say things and approach you a way they probably wouldn’t in person.

There is a person who I have the utmost respect for a professional and colleague. She always reviews my writings when I request her assistance. So, when she asks me to write comments on her blogs, I have no problems.  Well, I didn’t think I did until I realized she wanted comments on the day she posts.  How did I find out? By a shitty e-mail she sent to me after I left a comment on her blog.

She wrote a post about people leaving comments on blogs.  Obviously, this is very important to her. I jokingly left a comment asking when was the last time she left a message on my blog.  She emailed me back, “No you didn’t….” in big letters.  That’s the shit that’s offensive right there.  She then went into all the stuff she did for me including taking time away from paying projects to help me.  I told her that if there is ever a problem helping me, let me know. I don’t ever want to think I’m a burden to anybody – personally or professionally.  We squashed that, but still.  Her approach was outta pocket.

The most recent incident was this week.  I told her that I would comment on her blog post, which is really not a problem. I got sick and didn’t leave the comment.  In fact, I didn’t do anything I had planned to do that event. She e-mailed me the next morning “Thank you for posting on blog like you promised yesterday.”  It was written in small caps, and it was the first message I saw.  I was NOT happy.

Don’t come to me with bullshit. And, the reason for me not posting was because of my health.  Wait a minute…she sent the same message to both my email accounts.  Now, I’m really pissed.  I had a few snide remarks for her.  At one point, I almost felt bad about what I said until I remembered how she came at me with the nonsense.  And, I hope she doesn’t send another one.

I already think it’s ridiculous and cowardly to communicate such messages via e-mail.  However, should I receive another one, I’m going to snap.  Don’t e-mail me with stupid shit. Call me if something is that important to you.  If it isn’t really important, than why address it all.