People are Soooooo Unreliable


I gave someone two mini-DVs to edit for me early April. Do you know I still don’t have the completed work yet? I called the person to return my mini-DVs this weekend.  That was ridiculous. And yes, I could have put a time stamp on it but I figured that this was business and I was dealing with a professional.  But no, that was not the case.

In a separate incident, someone offered to design new business cards for me.  That was two weeks ago.  Do you know I haven’t received anything yet? Not a draft or anything. I texted the person today and asked “them” to submit something by Wednesday or don’t bother. But, the interesting thing in this situation is, when this person wants something done, “they” are on the phone everyday checking the status.  And, I had a couple ideas already. I could have squeezed the card design into my schedule and they would have been done by now.

The biggest disappointment for me was their level of unreliability. I was really looking to build a team that I could outsource projects to and have available when needed. I can’t do either. This is also a lesson to me: If there is something I cannot do or don’t want to do, don’t accept the assignment. I would end up looking just as bad as my two colleagues.


Image: cellfish