Children Are Geniuses

Photo Removed to Protect A Child I gave my little sister an old poster for her creative ventures.  In my adult mind, she was going to make a personal poster, a Hannah Montana collage or a fashion design project.  That was not so. She called me into her space and told me to trace her […]

People Leave a Lot to be Desired

Yesterday I sent an Update from Marcie to let my people know what I’m doing and some of the needs I have for my business journey.  As you know, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed and I’m ready to eat!!!  Anyway, someone wished me well on my progress and then sent me information about her […]

Shorty’s Progress

My interview with Chaka Khan is the cover story for N’Digo this week.  Check it out here. I am having the hardest time getting my book published from Blogapalooza.  There is always some technical glitch.  If I just knew I wasn’t close to where God would have me to be, I would probably freak out.  […]

Why People Can’t Progress Financially

I picked up a friend yesterday who was experiencing car troubles.  While driving home, he said that he was almost finished paying off two car notes, which I thought was a great blessing.  He then said, “I might buy that truck I want.”  I wanted to come to a screeching halt like Fred Flinstone and […]

Price vs. Value

I was having a conflict about what to charge for my blogging service.  Initially, I was setting my rates according to other people’s opinions about the economy.  That was not good.  I was going to charge at least $25 per hour less than what I really wanted to get paid. Fortunately,  I met with Lester […]