My 10th Speech for Toastmasters is Done

I just completed my 10th speech for my Advance Communicator Bronze (ACB) designation in Toastmasters.  Now, all I have to do is practice.  I will be giving this speech titled “What Is the One Word That Can Describe Your Life” on Saturday, January 15, 2011.  It’s going to be good. It has to be. This […]

Why? Why? Why?

Why do I care when you clearly could care less? Why do you want me to make your priorities my priorities EVEN though the situation could have been addressed? Why do I always have to be the bigger person when confronted by stupid ass people? Why can’t I just say what I want to say […]

Shorty’s 2011 Wish List for “Stuff”

There are a few things I want this year that I really don’t need, but they will come in handy with my projects. I think that’s it.  These items really wouldn’t set me back that much, but until my business starts to generate a consistent cash flow, I’ll visit this page frequently as a reminder.  […]

I’m Only INTO My People Right Now

I have been getting referrals to interview people who are doing great things.  I love seeing people in their glory, working their purpose.  But, at this time, I am only interested in interviewing people I know.  It’s not that those people are irrelevant.  It’s just that…well, I know so many people in my immediate circle […]

My Neglect of My Site

Yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting my site.  It is not intentional.  I have bee working on laying the foundation for The Write Design Company and working to make Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource relevant.  This is no joke, but very necessary.  I have to work on making my dreams come true; otherwise, I […]

What Great Friends I Have….

I have a friend who wants to buy a truck instead of a house for his family.  During our last conversation, he said that he was going to buy it because he’s tired of his kids whining and complaining about touching each other.  My response to his decision is: “Dude, I don’t care what you […]