Glenn Reedus is My Journalism Angel

Glenn Reedus, editor of South Suburban News (, is truly heaven sent. Let me tell you why. When I was completing my biz plan for the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition, he always responded to my pleas for research assistance. Always. But here’s something even more amazing. A couple weeks ago I was thinking about […]

I Can’t Hear You

Opinions, like belly buttons, everyone has one. But those same people who talk, never really offer anything but words.  They do not ask if I need help with anything; they do not refer me to people who can use my services (there is a need for writing services); and they just pretty much offer their […]

My Vision Board is Complete

I attended a vision board workshop on November 7th, and was overly-inspired by the experience. We were told to create a board that expresses things we want for our futures.  The sky was the limit.  You see that my board is full. My board shows my blogs ranking very high within the next 2 weeks.  […]

Diva Attitudes from Church People

I have had a couple experiences with church people over the past couple weeks, and they have been eye openers. I had to interview two different people for two different projects, and I got a sense of diva-ness, even though one person was a man. I wonder if it had anything to do with the […]

Rollerskating is More Than Exercise

I love skating. My affection for the sport came about almost three years ago when my friend, Jenny, and I re-visited a blast from the past.  What started out as a weekly activity has turned into a piece of heaven for me. Rollerskating is a form of peace.  When I get on my wheels, nothing […]