Why I Don’t Want My Photos on Facebook

I am having conflicts with friends about taking my photo and posting them on Facebook. I don’t want my photos posted on FB, so therefore, I do not pose for them. Let me tell you why. First of all, you are just giving away your personal information for free. That’s with all social networking sites. […]

My First Puppy Photo Session

These photos were taken a couple months ago, and I’m quite proud of myself.  I would seriously consider puppy photography as a hobby as long as the dog was smaller and lighter than me. 🙂  Also, by the time I able to engage in a hobby seriously, I will be a Photoshop and video pro, […]

My Journalism Career

If it were not for the Independent Bulletin newspaper, I would have no journalism career.  I thank God for Hurley Green for allowing me to be a consistent contributor. This got me to thinking.  At what point did I stop focusing on journalism?  I think blogging overtook me and I ran with it.  Now, I […]

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Over the past couple days I’ve been told that it has been stated that I look gay because my clothes are too big; I should lock my hair; and I need to wear make up. Not that I need to explain anything to anybody, but My clothes are too big because I lost weight and […]

The Write Design is Almost Done!

I was having an issue with my Write Design blog.  It was really giving me the flux.  I stepped back, checked out some resources on WordPress, and added the one mark that corrected everything.  I am soooooo happy. Now, I just have a few more things to do on the website, and I’ll be ready […]

I Had a Light Bulb Moment

I am in the process of refining The Write Design Company, Shorty Resource and As NOT Seen on TV.  Not at the same time…well, kinda.  Anyway, I was putting off starting the Shorty Resource blog because I am having the template custom designed.  Then, a light bulb went off in my head. There are hundreds […]

Firefox is Da Bomb

I started using Firefox to work on my blog projects, and I’m really impressed.  I like the clean interface, ease of use, and all of the add-ons.  I don’t use them personally, but to know they are there should I want them is great. I just wanted to share.  Just mindless typing when I should […]

Aaron McGruder Is Going to be My Mentor

Sometime in the future, Shorty is going to be a cartoon.  To make that happen, guidance and mentors are needed.  Who would be a better mentor for me than Aaron McGruder, the creator of The Boondocks? The cartoon is da’ bomb! Not only is the writing great, but the graphics and animation are second to […]