Thank God for Progress

I am pleased to announce that many of my incomplete story drafts are almost done. And the great thing is, many of them are going to blog sites as guest posts which is increasing my credibility as a blog resource.  But, I am still trying to get published in magazines. I’m still eyeballing Chicago Magazine, […]

Wanna Make Me Mad?

I don’t get mad easily but there are some things that make my chocolate self turn purple. There are not many but here they are. 1. Waste my time The main thing a person can do to make me mad is to TRY to waste my time. I don’t mind helping people because people are […]

My Interesting Interview

I had an interview for a part-time community manager position at a nonprofit organization.  I was interviewed by the Executive Director and Operations Manager. I felt the ED was asking unusual questions. Why did you pick human resources? First of all, I wasn’t interviewing for an HR position.  Second, by the time he asked that […]

This is My Year!

I have no consistent cash flow but I do have loads of faith. I know The Write Design Company is going to take off this month.  I am so excited! Things are happening with Shorty.  I just don’t know what yet.  They are good, though. I have not worked on my books this year. That’s […]

Don’t Touch My Stuff

I don’t like people touching my stuff. I used to think I suffered from the only child syndrome of “this is mine, don’t touch it.” I now know that I feel the way I do because are just inconsiderate.  Some are just selfish and self-centered.  Ugh! And, people would NEVER take care of your stuff […]