My Neighbors are Getting Ridiculous

Pissed off

I’m trying to be a nice person.  I’m trying to be the bigger person.  But, my neighbors to the north are fucking pissing me off.  First of all, it is two years later and we are still in court for the tree that was destroying my property.

Now, I  come home tonight and my basement window is broken.  My mother said she heard my neighbor’s kids on the side of the house, but didn’t go out to check. She can’t prove that it was them; however, due to the nature of our “neighborly” relationship, I wouldn’t put anything past them.  My neighbors kids are NOT little boys.  The youngest one  is either 12 or 13, so they know better.  Well, the second to youngest one.  The young lady had a baby last year.

I hope my property does not continue to be destroyed.  I hope not to have a horrible relationship with my neighbor.  All I’m saying is that I do not bother them, and they better leave me the fuck alone.  That’s all I’m saying.