My Neglect of My Site


Yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting my site.  It is not intentional.  I have bee working on laying the foundation for The Write Design Company and working to make Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource relevant.  This is no joke, but very necessary.  I have to work on making my dreams come true; otherwise, I will be out of line with my passions and purpose.

I intend to do better in the near future. I have been struggling with a couple things.  First, I still cannot say what I want to say on my blogs because the freedom of speech really isn’t free, and I cannot afford to lose clients because of my personal opinions.  Secondly, I don’t want to offend close friends and colleagues.  But, I figure if I could tell good stories and change the names of the characters in the situations, I might be OK.  I don’t think many of my people read this blog anyway.  Heck, I know they don’t read it as much as I think they should, but they do stop through.

Anyway, I just wanted to report that I’m going to do better moving forward.  Have a wonderfully blessed and safe holiday!