My Journalism Career

If it were not for the Independent Bulletin newspaper, I would have no journalism career.  I thank God for Hurley Green for allowing me to be a consistent contributor.

This got me to thinking.  At what point did I stop focusing on journalism?  I think blogging overtook me and I ran with it.  Now, I have to get back to it.  The thing is, what topics would I write on and for who? I have to do a little soul searching for topics.  There are a couple I started and never finished.

As soon as I set up Shorty and As NOT Seen on TV the way I want them, I ‘m going to start seeking journalism topics.  In fact, I’ll probably make that my 2010 goal. I know there is something I can become the expert in.  Maybe the topics for AS NOT Seen on TV and Shorty can be my topics.  Hmmm….. that’s not such a bad idea.  Let me think about that.

Another factor that contributed to my journalism career turnaround was the planning for The Write Design Company and my blogs. My writing business is going to turn a profit and so are my blogs.  For any of that to happen, I had to write business plans.  The Write Design Company is almost done; As NOT Seen on TV is done; and Shorty is almost done (have to complete the market research).

With the major stuff done, I can honestly say that I am ready to contribute to different publications next year.

Also, I want to be the journalist that people call for exclusives.  There are a lot of good journalists in this world, but they don’t all get exclusives.  I have to figure in which area I want to become the go-to person.  This is so cool.  It’s going to be even better when I get focused and moving forward.