My Interesting Interview


I had an interview for a part-time community manager position at a nonprofit organization.  I was interviewed by the Executive Director and Operations Manager.

I felt the ED was asking unusual questions.

  • Why did you pick human resources?
    First of all, I wasn’t interviewing for an HR position.  Second, by the time he asked that question, he was pulling at straws since he didn’t have any questions on paper.  Third,  I’m probably more qualified for his job even though I don’t want it.
  • Why did you pick to work at a nonprofit organization with low pay?
    Huh? If pay was important to me, I wouldn’t have applied.  I just need a job to pay my bills so I can create my ideal life through my writing.
  • He was trying to eliminate me through prodding. That was not going to happen.  I kept my focus and answers on serving others, not my desire to work part-time.  We’ll see what happens.

I just wanted to share that because it was…interesting.  And, I haven’t been on interviews for years.  So, yeah, we’ll see.