My Biz Plan Did Not Advance To Next Stage

My plan did not advance to the next stage in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition.  That is OK, because the blessing was actually finishing a business plan.  That put me farther  ahead with As NOT Seen on TV than I would have been.

First of all, I was looking for stories to post, and putting a lot of extra energy into what I was doing.  Now, I have contacted organizations for their thoughts and support; I’ve added news organizations as friends on Twitter to easily get story topics; and I’m going to start a podcast to add to the blog.  Oh, I have two books as guides.

I just have to get started.  I was waiting for my blog designer to get better.  If she is not well by Friday, I’m just going to start posting.  I have the template I like; I just need to make few adjustments.

As NOT Seen on TV is going to be up and running BEFORE the end of the year.

If there are future opportunities to submit my business plan, I will do so.  It will also be better because I will have postings and direction.

Like I said, at least the plan was done because I have foundation to begin with.  And, my commitment to completing it within six weeks was outstanding.  I had not worked so hard in such a short period in a long time.  I honestly feel that it was all worth it.