More Good Stuff Happening

1. Started reading Three Feet From Gold.  Highly  motivational.  One of the main keys to success is not quitting.

2. I shared my research idea with a fellow Toastmaster, and she advised to me look out for research grants.

3. Journalist and blogger, Maureen Jenkins, advised me to scale back on the topics I said I would share on my Shorty Resource blog.  I’ve narrowed my topics down to five.  However, I will most likely narrow my topics down even more.  I’m going to start with the topics I have and flow from there.

That was truly a blessing because I would have been going mad trying to be all things.

4. Working on personal branding.  I want to be done for writing, blogging, social media and multimedia.  I think I’m well on my way.  Now, I just have to pick my writing and blog topics.  I wonder: do they have to be the same topics?  It would definitely be easier.  Let me think about that.

Earlier this week, I predicted that at least two people will give me advice this week that will help me define my business even more.  The tip to seek research grants was the first.  It’s still early in the week, so I’m looking forward to the next tip.

Woo hoo!

So, let me start researching stuff so I can start making money.