Make NO Small Moves

Leap of Faith

This advice was given to me by Zondra Hughes, author of Living The Ebony Life, editor at N’Digo MagaPaper, and my new writing coach.  She shared this with me as I shared my writing goals with her.  Essentially, the main thing I need right now is someone to report my progress to.  I’m always writing, but I’m not working on my book.  Totally not progressive.

Anyway, as I think about one of the things I want to do, this advice came to mind.  It’s a little scary, but I think I’m ready to move forward.  Here’s the thing, what I want to be a seemingly innocent conversation may turn into a flurry of rage.  Am I ready? I think so.   The only way to really know if I’m ready is to do it.

I’ll be putting it to a test this week.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I’m reading to jump into the unknown.