It’s Time to Really Get Focused

It’s not that I haven’t been focused, but I just ordered a truck load of For Dummies social media books. My goal is to become the Social Media Queen by the end of January, so I can start teaching classes.

In the meantime, I am working on being a Multimedia Queen. I’m pretty good with photography; now, I just have to learn the videography. I did my first few videos this past week and was quite pleased with my work. I just have to keep on working at it.

I attended orientation for training classes through the Workforce Development Center. I am praying that I can take my graphic/web design classes. That would so put me over the top. After that, I will have my Mac Book Pro, experience with the programs, and an IPOD touch. I just got the IPOD feeling this month. I was already feeling the Mac Book Pro.

So, that’s my story for now.