Issue #1: You’re So Disciplined

How is this is a problem? Being disciplined is stressful.  Now, this is one box I am NOT trying to break out of. I’m trying to master it in all aspects of my life.   To do this is necessary and constraining. However, this is a box that will eventually set me free.

Perfect example, right now I should be finishing a guest blog post, and I’m writing this. How disciplined is that?

And, I am disciplined because I have to be, not because I want to be. It is my GREATEST desire to never to return to Corporate America as a full-time employee.  As long as that is my motivation, which is a life-long goal, I am going to do what I need to do to make that happen.

Being disciplined is hard work because it requires consistency in all aspects of your life. You have to buckle-down, sacrifice and make unpopular decisions.

You have to be disciplined financially which is a great challenge in this overly consumeristic society.  I don’t know if consumeristic is a word, but since Twitter has become a household name, I don’t see anything wrong with consumeristic.

Spiritual discipline means that you HAVE to seek God for guidance.  Even though you do the work, resources and needs are met by the Most High.  This is why He sent status updates on social networks.This has done wonders for me over the past few months.

You have to be consistent in your fitness. You can’t exercise once a week and expect something to happen.

Intellectually, you have to read and continue to learn, or you’ll be like George W.  Enough said.

Those are just a few areas  where discipline is needed.  And yes, this has placed me in a box.  But, I know this is the one box that will help set free me.

Outside the box
Do you think I’ll be able to flex like that once I am totally free?