I’m Going to Stop Listening to People for the Rest of the Year

I'm Not Listening

Everyone has opinions.  Which is cool.  I’m open to learning.  But when I’m so close  to my goal and you try to inject your opinion into what I should do, I have a problem.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so open to learning that people should be paying me to educate me (I’m such a scholar).  In fact, I have gotten great advice over the year from people who genuinely care about me.  But, as I try to implement and complete these suggestions, I am suffering from an overload. Gosh! I just want to scream!!  And you have those people who try to force their opinion on you.  That doesn’t work because it does not create conversations; it builds walls.

As of yesterday, I am officially done.  I will be open to listening effective January 1, 2011.