I’m Always Pulling My Friends Into My Mess

Pulling Friends Into Mess

Which isn’t a bad thing.  The bad thing is – I can’t pay them right now.

My friend, Demond, is the greatest.  I tell him my technology issues and he helps me figure them out.   I told him about a service I’m going to provide through The Write Design Company, and he just started sharing tips and information.  He told me what I needed to do on my end, and he’s going to do research at his end.  That’s my roadie! (Who says that anymore? Roadie???)

I’m surprised Tasha P. still answers her phone when she sees my number.  I always call for some design tip on something I’m doing. I’m not one of those people who call only when I want something, but I do call asking for help at least once a week.

And KW is a HUGE blessing. I’m certain he’s going to stop answering my calls soon.  However, I think he’s an uncover fan of Shorty’s, so he won’t pull the plug right away.  His expertise is always appreciated.  Yep, he’s on my list of I.O.U.s

I really think my mother and little sister listen with half an ear these days.  That isn’ t totally bad considering I talk nonstop about my projects.  They don’t know what’s going on; they just know something is happening.

So, I thank all of my people for caring enough about me to listen and support me.  I love you all.

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  1. I have added your blog to my Google homepage using your RSS feed, will that mean I am going to be kept up to date in case you create a post?

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