Ida B. Wells is Officially My Hero

While visiting the Freedom’s Sisters Exhibit at DuSable Museum, I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with 20  courageous and dedicated women in African American History.  While it was the most blessed experience, I would have to say that learning about Ida B. Wells had the most profound impact on me.

Ida B. Wells
She had the nerves to speak out about lynchings of black people in the late 1800. This was very risky at that time; yet, it was her passion and her purpose.  She moved to Chicago and continued to inform audiences about lynching and other social injustices in writings and speeches.

I think Ms. Wells touched me so because I think there is something I am supposed to be saying. And, there is a way I should be saying it to touch upon audiences of all levels and understanding.

First, I am praying for the messages to share.  Second, I am praying for the courage to speak up.  I have lots to say, but will anybody listen? How can I make people care? The only way to find out is to start speaking.

Pray with me, y’all.