I Lost My Friend and I Don’t Know How to Feel

lost my best friend

One of my friends of over 30 years has straight abandoned me. I called him in December for help and he did not return my call. In fact I don’t think I’ve spoken to him since October or November of last year. I mourn the ending because of the years we spent together. But honestly, I’m not too upset for two reasons: 1) I have loads of pictures memories to hold tight to and 2) people are in your life for a reason, season or lifetime. And our season was over.

Here’s the situation. He was having problems with two of his cars which were about to be paid off. He also said that his wife’s vehicle was going also to be paid off. I was happy for him. In my little mind – and it wasn’t my business – he was going to be debt free from that perspective. Instead of being debt free, he went and bought a new truck.

Please keep in mind, I know it wasn’t my business but he’s my friend so I spoke my mind.

While I should have been happy for him, I was disappointed. First of all, he has a family –  a wife and 3 kids. His oldest child is 13 with the other two not too far behind, so college funds are in order. And, they’ve been married for over 10 years and live in an apartment. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything or even care, but he’s been talking about a house for his family for years. So, why in hell would you go out and get this new expense when you were almost free and clear?

He told me that his boys kept touching each other in his other cars. That was a crock since none of them are really heavy. They may be husky because he’s husky, but they aren’t that big yet. And they haven’t reached their teen years, yet.

So, he was excited when he came to show me his new ride but I couldn’t be happy for him. I know it had nothing to do with me, but I felt that he had more pressing things to do with his money. His grocery bill couldn’t be that cheap since he has growing boys; they have extracurricular activities; and a house and college funds should be on his list of priorities. When I asked him if he had college funds, he said, “No, but I life insurance.” So, I’m sitting there thinking, “If he doesn’t die, then what? Would that stop them from going to college?”

So, after that conversation, he has been ghost. But the thing is, even after 30 years of friendship and they way it ended, I’m wondering how much I really care.