I Know What’s Wrong With Me

After having a discussion with my Improv instructor, I finally have an answer to what’s been ailing me for the past few months. I am trying to break out of the box that I have been placed in all my life.

So, even though I am damned near old as Methuselah, I am holding tight to what I’ve been taught all my life.  And, it’s a huge challenge trying to get out of it.

1. Good girls don’t do that.
2. Go to school, get good grades, and get a good job.
3. No sex before marriage.
4. You can’t do this because you’re black.
5. You can’t do that because you’re female.
6. That’s not Christian behavior.
7. You can’t reach that because you’re short.  (Ok, this is true.  I just threw it in because I thought it was funny.)

I'm free

So, these are some of things I am going to break through while holding tight to my values and morals.  As long as it is legal, nobody dies and I can repent, I’m going to do it.  Ok, I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I’m working on it.

Feel free to join me on my breakthrough.  If you think I’m crazy, let me know.  That just means I’m accomplishing my goals.  I’m looking forward to breaking free.