I Just Wanna SCREAM!

I just want to scream

I have a friend who sent over 200 pictures from her party.  Ok, I love her but I don’t know most of those people and outside of the photos with my snapshots, I really don’t care.

My friend SMS’d a job posting to me to post on Go Shorty.  He then told me to send his resume before forwarding it to others.  First of all, I am not your personal assistant.  Secondly, why would you want me to forward it to potential more qualified competitors?

I called another friend to just shoot the breeze on last week.  He did not response.  Why did he blow up my phone on Saturday because he needed something? That’s why I’m seriously considering becoming a hermit.  I try to reach out “just because” and other people reach out when they want something.

I’m OK now.  Really.  I just had to get that offa my chest because it was bugging the hell outta me.