I Have a New Book Idea – I’m So Excited

A Novel Idea

I can’t share all of the details because it just came to me a couple days ago, and I have to copyright a draft.  All I know is that I want it published within six months.  It won’t be that long, but it will be cool.

Speaking of books, I am thinking about creating photo story books for people.  I know there will be dry spells between the big assignments with my primary target market, and this will be a way to make money and have fun with the projects.  The only thing is – I have to find a market for these books.  What’s easy?  The two main considerations are new moms and milestone birthdays starting at 50 years old.  And, I have to find the people who are willing to pay.  I’ll start that in March.  I have things to do now.

Progress is a beautiful thing!

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  1. I am pleased to announce that the unpublished book has been copyrighted. I have reached out to two people who I would love to work with on the project. I’m awaiting their responses. And, I’m researching and writing to make the book a reality.

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