I Feel Great News Coming On

I am going to move forward in the MillerCoors Business Plan Writing Competition. Although I have not received “official” word, I just know it.  Actually, I’m going to win 1st Place, but there are several stages in this process. I’ll just be patient.

First, I worked with the professionals at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC). The three counselors I worked with – Meg Herman, Erica King, and Sylvia Wynn – were all available to me and supported me in every way possible during my six week experience. That was only God working in my favor.

Actually, the blessings began with Jennifer Brown-Banks telling me about the contest. Jennifer is my writing guide.  Our relationship is hard to explain.  She is a mentor and  more.  I can’t fully explain the more part, but I am fully aware of it.  Anyway, she ended that particular conversation advising me to write my plan on my blog, As NOT Seen on TV.  That’s what I did.

Second, I put my full self into writing that business plan. My spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and mental selves were all used during that process.  After the plan was submitted and I received confirmation that Flowers Communications had received it, I was emotionally relieved.  The only thing I could do was thank God for giving me the strength and wherewithal to complete my plan.

Third, that was the first time I fully committed myself to anything in a long time. Before this year, I didn’t commit to much.  Completing this business plan helped me appreciate what was in me.  It showed me what I’m truly made of which is helping me move to the next level in my life.

Lastly, as I stated in an earlier post, I am going to win because writing is the essence of who I am. Essentially, the judges are getting ALL of me, which is a beautiful thing.

Now, all I have to do is wait patiently for good news.

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