I Am So Excited!

Marcie HillIs this a happy face or what?

I am so excited.  I think I have a marketing professional who will help me sell my live blogging service.  We connected yesterday and she seems to be open to help me.  I was honest by telling her I had no money right now, but I’m willing to pay her ASAP.  She’s just another notch on my I.O.U. list.

Other than my live blogging services, everything else is falling into place.  I started my book.  I have the chapters.  I have interview to conduct and transcribe.  I need a graphic artist for my cover.  I contacted the President of DuSable Museum for assistance.  She didn’t turn me away, which was encouraging.  She asked for me details with the possibility of a phone discussion.  I hope she doesn’t forget about me.  I’ll call her next week.

Ideas for my TV show keeps snowballing.  I know I’m on to something but I also know I need to just write them down.  God is sending people my way which is way exciting.  I just have to create a marketing plan.

I finished three stories for How They Living Ain’t No Joke.   Only one more to go. That is my first “real” paying magazine gig.  The Independent Bulletin was my first gig.  Exciting.

Oh, I am gaining confidence.  I’m still doing Improv wrong but at least I am louder.  Also, I’m doing better in comedy writing.  I knew I would get to the end and get it!  At least I got it.

Gotta go now.  There is a contest I want to enter and have to submit it by tomorrow.  I don’t know what time; I just know I need to be in it.