I Am in A Medium State of Frustration


I want to write something so badly on one of my blogs, but I don’t know how my readers will react to it.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good.  It’s merely an observation, but  I know something will be said.

Also, adding to my frustration is the fact that I actually care about what somebody is going to say.  And, I want to curse.  I don’t curse a lot when I write, and I don’t want to develop a reputation for profanity.  But right now I want the old Marcie to come through and let’er rip!

Exercise will not help me. Neither will chocolate.  I’ve tried both. I just need to let out an old-fashioned tongue-lashing with my pen and do not worry about what other people have to say.


I know once I get beyond the point of caring what other people will thing, more doors will open for me.  And, I’ll probably have more followers on my blog.