I Am Doing Me


I posted on my status updates that I was rejected by a publication and I thought that was great news.  My friend asked me if my LinkedIn was personal or professional. I told him professional. He felt that my comment was personal.

I disagree. First of all, it shows that I am making efforts to be be published. Second, it shows my attitude about being rejected. I could have been in a funk. Of course, I could have not said anything about what I’m doing which will do nothing for my “social footprint.”  And, it’s allowing me to be me. Normally I put stuff out about what I’m doing professionally, which is cool but that gets boring. Lastly, I’m very mindful to about what I say on social sites so there is great huge difference between personal and professional.

The great blessing of that update was that I allowed other people to see who I am. I have been afraid to show the real me. I don’t know why, I just was. But after reading, “Dare to Be Yourself,” by Alan Cohen, I am working on being myself which is a great feeling. No one can hold me back except me and that is no longer an option.

Why am I writing this? First, opinions, like belly buttons – everybody has one. Second, if I allowed other people’s opinion to determine my actions, I would never do anything. Third, I’m happy being me.