I Am Branding Myself – I GOT THIS!

I spoke to someone I truly adore and admire a couple days ago.  “They” were telling me that I needed to brand myself.  I know this.  That is what I am working on right now.  It took me three months to figure it out; now, I’m putting my plan into action.

I told “them” that I am branding myself as a journalist, blogger, and social media expert.  “They” asked me what I will be writing about.  I told “them” that I am going to become a resource for the South Side of Chicago in the areas of culture, education, employment, health, and youth activities.  “They” continued on about branding.  So, I had to break it down for this person.  First of all, there are very few bloggers on the south side of Chicago that write for large blogging sources.  I checked it out.  And, we have several community newspapers that share a bit of everything.  I am going to partner with those papers, and specialize in those five areas.

As for As NOT Seen on TV.  I finally have a focus, and I’m going to work it.  There are so many ways I can do AND I finally got started.

I said all that to say that although I thank people for wanting to share, but I got this. I didn’t take my short break for no reason.  I stepped back to define and refine my projects, and I’m certain I am on my way.

But, should anyone else have any questions, I am branding myself as a journalist, blogger, and social media marketing expert.  Visit any one of my blogs and read for yourself:


Thanks so much.