God Has a Way of Getting Your Attention

Wrath of God

Something happened recently, and I could not upset.  I could only comply with what happened because I was disobedient and I knew it.  You can’t argue with God when you know you’re wrong.  He’s been trying to get my attention, and I’ve been doing what I wanted to do.  When He got fed up, He said, “Look, I’ll show you who’s in charge.” And, He did.  He got His point across loud and clear.

As a child who has gotten reprimanded by Her father, I am going to listen and obey. I’m not even going to wait for Him to tell me what to do; I’m just going to do it.  Yes, it scared me that much.   God did what He had to do to get me to do what He wanted me to do.

I am a much better person as a result.  Did I mention that I much more afraid of His wrath?